End of tenancy cleaning Cambridgeshire

End of tenancy cleaning Cambridgeshire

CS CleanersEnd of Tenancy Cleaning Cambridgeshire is carried out by dedicated mobile teams of cleaning operatives whose specialities are properties in need of a thorough deep clean either at the end of a tenancy or before the start of one. Our End of Tenancy professional cleaners in Cambridgeshire are equipped with all the necessary chemicals, tools and equipment. We use our own professional cleaning products, leaving your premises extremely clean and ready for inventory checkout.

Move-In Cleaning Cambridgeshire – Move Out Cleaning Cambridgeshire

Moving may be stressful but CS Cleaners will handle all deep cleaning tasks needed to be done to make your home shine and be ready for the next tenants. CS Cleaners Move In – Move Out Cleaning package consists of everything in a routine service plus deep cleaning of the oven, hob, fridge/freezer, inside kitchen/bathroom, cabinets and drawers, light fixtures, etc.

CS Cleaners Move In – Move Out Cleaning guarantees a professional crew with cleaning supplies and equipment. Whether you’re renting a home or selling make your life easier – hire CS Cleaners to take the house cleaning chores off your list!

Move out cleaning Cambridgeshire

Free Oven Cleaning services In Cambridgeshire, when you book End of tenancy cleaning with us

CS CleanersFree Oven cleaning service uses professional cleaning materials and equipment. This system ensures you have a safe and hygienic property whilst our fully trained oven cleaning specialists remove all grease, fat and burnt-on carbon deposits from a range of kitchen appliances. The result is a professional deep oven clean that will leave your oven in pristine condition

Additional Cleaning Procedures:

You can combine your End of Tenancy Cleaning with:

 Deep carpet cleaning in CambridgeshireCheap carpet cleaning in Cambridgeshire

If the textile floor coverings need to be clean, then our professional carpet cleaners can also assist you with expert hot water extraction carpet cleaning. This is a professional procedure performed by our carpet cleaning company professionals with special equipment. It is suitable for most types of carpets and rugs.

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Move Out Cleaning Cambridgeshire

Mоve Оut Cleaning when yоu require the prоperty tо be cleaned tо pristine cоnditiоn befоre yоu hand-оver the keys tо yоur estate agent, landlоrd and/оr an inventоry checkоut clerk.

Move-In Cleaning Cambridgeshire

If yоu are moving intо a new prоperty оr have already mоved and require it tо be spоtlessly cleaned and germs free then yоu can hire mоve in cleaning services in оrder tо enjоy a clean lifestyle.


Call us today fоr professional cleaning services in Cambridgeshire and range оf оther prоperty maintenance services in Cambridgeshire and nationwide tоday!


Covered Cambridgeshire Areas:

CB1 Central Cambridge

CB1 South Cambridge

CB1 Teversham

CB2 West Cambridge

CB3 North-West Cambridge

CB3 Girton, Cambridge

CB4 North Cambridge

CB5 East Cambridge

CB21 Fulbourn, Cambridge

CB21 Great and Little Wilbraham, Cambridge

CB21 West Wratting, Cambridge

CB21 Weston Colville, Cambridge

CB21 Teversham, Cambridge

CB21 Abington, Cambridge

CB21 Hildersham, Cambridge

CB21 Bartlow, Cambridge

CB21 Hadstock, Cambridge

CB21 Horseheath, Cambridge

CB21 Shudy Camps, Cambridge

CB21 West Wickham, Cambridge

CB21 Castle Camps, Cambridge

CB21 Balsham, Cambridge

CB21 Linton, Cambridge

CB22 Babraham, Cambridge

CB22 Sawston, Cambridge

CB22 Pampisford, Cambridge

CB22 Duxford, Cambridge

CB22 Whittlesford, Cambridge

CB22 Great and Little Shelford, Cambridge

CB22 Stapleford, Cambridge

CB22 Harston, Cambridge

CB22 Barrington, Cambridge

CB22 Hauxton, Cambridge

CB22 Newton, Cambridge

CB22 Foxton, Cambridge

CB23 Cambourne (Great, Lower and Upper), Cambridge

CB23 Barton, Cambridge

CB23 Comberton, Cambridge

CB23 Harlton, Cambridge

CB23 Great and Little Eversden, Cambridge

CB23 Bourn, Cambridge

CB23 Highfields Caldecote, Cambridge

CB23 Coton, Cambridge

CB23 Haslingfield, Cambridge

CB23 Kingston, Cambridge

CB23 Hardwick, Cambridge

CB23 Toft, Cambridge

CB23 Longstowe, Cambridge

CB23 Madingley, Cambridge

CB23 Dry Drayton, Cambridge

CB23 Papworth Everard, Cambridge

CB23 Lolworth, Cambridge

CB23 Bar Hill, Cambridge

CB23 Elsworth, Cambridge

CB23 Knapwell, Cambridge

CB23 Conington, Cambridge

CB23 Boxworth, Cambridge

CB23 Caxton, Cambridge

CB23 Papworth Saint Agnes, Cambridge

CB24 Histon, Cambridge

CB24 Impington, Cambridge

CB24 Oakington, Cambridge

CB24 Longstanton, Cambridge

CB24 Willingham, Cambridge

CB24 Swavesey, Cambridge

CB24 Over, Cambridge

CB24 Fen Drayton, Cambridge

CB24 Milton, Cambridge

CB24 Rampton, Cambridge

CB24 Cottenham, Cambridge

CB25 Cottenham, Cambridge

CB25 Landbeach, Cambridge

CB25 Rampton, Cambridge

CB25 Histon, Cambridge

CB25 Impington, Cambridge

CB25 Burwell, Cambridge

CB25 Swaffham Bulbeck, Cambridge

CB25 Swaffham Prior, Cambridge

CB25 Stow-Cum-Quy, Cambridge

CB25 Bottisham, Cambridge

CB25 Lode, Cambridge

CB25 Waterbeach, Cambridge

CB25 Horningsea, Cambridge

CB25 Chittering, Cambridge

Abbey Court     CB1 2LB Ferndale Rise     CB5 8ET Northcroft House, Nine Wells Road, Trumpington     CB2 9DA
Abbey Road     CB5 8HH Fernlea Close     CB1 9LW Northfields Avenue     CB4 2LA
Abbey Street     CB1 2QP Ferrars Way     CB4 3RE Northumberland Close     CB4 2HR
Abbey Walk     CB1 2QJ Ferry Lane     CB4 1NT Norton Close     CB5 8NW
Abbots Close     CB4 2SY Ferry Path     CB4 1HB Norwich Street     CB2 1ND
Abercorn Place     CB4 2UX Field Way     CB1 8RW Nuffield Close     CB4 1SS
Aberdeen Avenue     CB2 8DL Finch Road     CB4 3RB Nuffield Road     CB4 1TF
Aberdeen Square     CB2 8BZ Fisher Street     CB4 3DJ Nuffield Road, Trinity Hall Farm Industrial Estate     CB4 1TG
Acrefield Drive     CB4 1JP Fishers Lane     CB1 9HL Nuns Way     CB4 2LU
Acton Way     CB4 3SD Fison Road     CB5 8TL Nursery Close     CB5 8AE
Ada Lovelace Road     CB3 0QX Fitzgerald Place     CB4 1GW Nursery Walk     CB4 3PR
Adam & Eve Street     CB1 1DX Fitzroy Lane     CB1 1HE Nuttings Road     CB1 3HU
Adams Road     CB3 9AD Fitzroy Street     CB1 1ER Oak Tree Avenue     CB4 1AZ
Adrian Way     CB2 0SA Fitzwilliam Road     CB2 8BN Oakley Terrace     CB1 9YQ
Ainsdale     CB1 9JT Fitzwilliam Street     CB2 1QH Occupation Road     CB1 2JQ
Ainsworth Court     CB1 2PA Flack End     CB4 2WQ Ongar Court     CB5 8UH
Ainsworth Place     CB1 2PG Flamsteed Road     CB1 3QU Orchard Avenue     CB4 2AH
Ainsworth Street     CB1 2PD Fletchers Terrace     CB1 3LU Orchard Estate     CB1 3JP
Akeman Street     CB4 3HE Florian House, Severn Place     CB1 1AQ Orchard Street     CB1 1JS
Albemarle Way     CB4 2SP Flower Street     CB1 2NH Orwell Furlong     CB4 0WY
Albert Street     CB4 3BE Fontwell Avenue     CB4 3LZ Owlstone Road     CB3 9JH
Albion Row     CB3 0BH Fordwich Close     CB4 2HS Oxford Road     CB4 3PH
Alex Wood Road     CB4 2EG Forest Road     CB1 9JA Oyster Row     CB5 8LJ
Alice Bell Close     CB4 1GN Fortescue Road     CB4 2JS Pagram Way     CB4 2XD
All Saints Passage     CB2 3LS Forum Court     CB4 2TL Pakenham Close     CB4 1PN
All Souls Lane     CB3 0EA Foxglove Way     CB4 2FY Pamplin Court     CB1 9NB
Almoners Avenue     CB1 8NZ Francis Crick Avenue     CB2 0AA Panther Way     CB1 9GS
Alpha Road     CB4 3DG Francis Darwin Court     CB4 3HA Panton Street     CB2 1HL
Alwyne Road     CB1 8RR Francis Passage     CB2 1LP Paradise Street     CB1 1AJ
Amhurst Court     CB3 9BH Frank’s Lane     CB4 1RR Park Parade     CB5 8AL
Amwell Road     CB4 2UH Fraser Road     CB4 1LJ Park Street     CB5 8AS
Ancaster Way     CB1 3TT Free School Lane     CB2 3QA Park Terrace     CB1 1JH
Anglers Way     CB4 1TZ Frenchs Road     CB4 3JR Parker Street     CB1 1JL
Angus Close     CB1 2AT Frenchs Road, Chesterton Mill     CB4 3NP Parkside     CB1 1HQ
Annesley     CB1 8DF Friars Close     CB1 9JE Parsonage Street     CB5 8DN
Anns Road     CB5 8TN Fulbourn Old Drift     CB1 9LR Pavilion Court     CB4 2TR
Antelope Way     CB1 9GT Fulbourn Old Drift, The Firs     CB1 9LS Pearce Close     CB3 9LY
Apollo Way     CB4 2TG Fulbourn Road     CB1 9JL Pearl Close     CB4 1QD
Apthorpe Way     CB4 2NJ Fulbrooke Road     CB3 9EE Pearmain Court     CB4 1FS
Aragon Close     CB4 2SU Fuller Way     CB3 0FN Peas Hill     CB2 3AD
Arbury Court     CB4 2JQ Gainsborough Close     CB4 1SY Pelham Court     CB4 3TD
Arbury Road     CB4 2HX Galfrid Close     CB5 8EF Pemberton Place     CB2 1JB
Archway Court     CB3 9LW Galfrid Road     CB5 8ND Pemberton Terrace     CB2 1JA
Arden Road     CB4 2UJ Garden Court     CB1 1DW Pembroke Street     CB2 3QY
Argyle Street     CB1 3LR Garden Walk     CB4 3EN Pen Close     CB1 9HN
Armitage Way     CB4 2UE Garden Walk, Michaelmas Place     CB4 3ED Penarth Place     CB3 9LU
Arran Close     CB1 9JH Garlic Row     CB5 8HW Pentlands Court     CB4 1JN
Arthur Street     CB4 3BX Garry Drive     CB4 2PD Pepys Court     CB4 1GF
Arundel Close     CB4 3LY Geldart Street     CB1 2LX Perne Avenue     CB1 3RY
Ascham Road     CB4 2BD George IV Street     CB2 1HH Perne Road     CB1 3NT
Ashbury Close     CB1 3RW George Nuttall Close     CB4 1YE Perne Road, Adkins Corner     CB1 3RU
Ashcroft Court     CB4 2SN George Street     CB4 1AJ Perowne Street     CB1 2AY
Ashfield Road     CB4 1RZ Gerard Close     CB5 8NQ Perse Way     CB4 3SA
Ashley Court     CB1 2NF Gerard Road     CB5 8NG Petersfield     CB1 1BB
Ashvale     CB4 2SZ Gilbert Close     CB4 3HR Petty Cury     CB2 3NB
Aster Way     CB4 2XR Gilbert Road     CB4 3NX Petworth Street     CB1 2LY
Atherton Close     CB4 2BE Gillies Close     CB5 8ZD Peverel Close     CB5 8RW
Athlone     CB1 1QA Gilmour Road     CB2 8DX Peverel Road     CB5 8RH
Atkins Close     CB4 2NN Gilpin Place     CB2 8BD Philippa Fawcett Drive     CB3 0AS
Auckland Road     CB5 8DP Gilpin Road     CB2 8BY Pikes Walk     CB1 1LF
Auckland Road, Bailey Mews     CB5 8DR Gisborne Road     CB1 3RZ Plum Tree Close     CB4 3XD
Augers Road     CB1 9EL Gladeside     CB4 1EL Pool Way     CB5 8NT
Augustus Close     CB4 2UD Gladstone Way     CB1 9JF Porson Court     CB2 8ER
Austin Court     CB4 2AX Glebe Road     CB1 7SZ Porson Road     CB2 8ET
Australia Court     CB3 0JA Glenacre Close     CB1 8DX Portland Place     CB1 1JZ
Aylesborough Close     CB4 2HH Glenalmond Avenue     CB2 8DB Portugal Place     CB5 8AF
Aylestone Road     CB4 1HF Glenmere Close     CB1 8EF Portugal Street     CB5 8AP
Babraham Road     CB2 0RA Glenmore     CB1 1QE Post Office Terrace     CB2 3EP
Badminton Close     CB4 3NW Glisson Road     CB1 2HA Pound Hill     CB3 0AE
Bagot Place     CB4 2UL Glisson Road, Caius Terrace     CB1 2HJ Pretoria Road     CB4 1HD
Baldock Way     CB1 7UU Godesdone Road     CB5 8HR Primary Court     CB4 1NB
Bancroft Close     CB1 3QZ Godwin Close     CB1 8QS Primrose Street     CB4 3EH
Banff Close     CB4 2XG Godwin Way     CB1 8QP Princess Court     CB2 1JJ
Banhams Close     CB4 1HX Golding Road     CB1 3RN Priory Road     CB5 8HT
Barnes Close     CB5 8RR Gonville Place     CB1 1LY Priory Street     CB4 3QH
Barnwell Drive     CB5 8RD Gough Way     CB3 9LN Prospect Row     CB1 1DU
Barnwell Road     CB5 8RG Grafton Centre     CB1 1PS Puddicombe Way     CB2 0AB
Barnwell Road, The Quorum     CB5 8RE Grafton Street     CB1 1DS Purbeck Road     CB2 8HY
Barrow Close     CB2 8AT Graham Road     CB4 2WP Pye Terrace     CB4 1DX
Barrow Road     CB2 8AP Grange Court     CB3 9BD Quainton Close     CB5 8LR
Barton Close     CB3 9LQ Grange Gardens     CB3 9AT Quayside     CB5 8AB
Barton Road     CB3 9JY Grange Road     CB3 9AA Queen Ediths Way     CB1 7AP
Bassett Close     CB4 2UQ Grange Road, Redwood Lodge     CB3 9AR Queens Meadow     CB1 3JN
Bateman Mews     CB2 1NN Granta Place     CB2 1RS Queens Road     CB3 9AH
Bateman Street     CB2 1LR Grantchester Meadows     CB3 9JL Queensway     CB2 8AX
Bateson Road     CB4 3HF Grantchester Road     CB3 9ED Rachel Close     CB5 8TP
Baycliffe Close     CB1 8EE Grantchester Street     CB3 9HY Rackham Close     CB4 3EY
Bayford Place     CB4 2UF Grasmere Gardens     CB4 3DR Radegund Road     CB1 3RH
Beaconsfield Terrace     CB4 3BP Gray Road     CB1 3TA Railway Street     CB1 9LL
Beales Way     CB4 2PW Grayling Close     CB4 1NP Ramsden Square     CB4 2BJ
Beaulands Close     CB4 1JA Great Eastern Street     CB1 3AB Ransome Close     CB4 1WH
Beaumont Crescent     CB1 8QA Great Northern Road     CB1 2FX Rathmore Close     CB1 7AF
Beaumont Road     CB1 8PU Grebe Court     CB5 8FR Rathmore Road     CB1 7AB
Beche Road     CB5 8HU Green End Road     CB4 1RJ Ravensworth Gardens     CB1 2XL
Beechwood House, Malta Road     CB1 3EY Green End Road, Scarsdale Close     CB4 1SL Rawlyn Close     CB5 8NN
Belgrave Road     CB1 3DE Green Park     CB4 1SX Rawlyn Court     CB5 8NR
Belmore Close     CB4 3NN Green Street     CB2 3JU Rawlyn Road     CB5 8NL
Belvoir Road     CB4 1JH Greenlands     CB2 0QY Rayleigh Close     CB2 8AZ
Belvoir Terrace     CB2 7AA Greens Road     CB4 3EF Rayson Way     CB5 8NP
Benet Place     CB2 1EL Gresham Place     CB1 2EB Red Cross Lane     CB2 0QU
Benet Street     CB2 3PT Gresham Road     CB1 2EP Redfern Close     CB4 2DT
Benians Court     CB3 0DN Greville Road     CB1 3QJ Regency Square     CB1 3WL
Benson Place     CB4 3QP Greystoke Court     CB1 8DG Regent Street     CB2 1AB
Benson Street     CB4 3QJ Greystoke Road     CB1 8DS Regent Terrace     CB2 1AA
Bentinck Street     CB2 1HG Grieve Court     CB4 1FR Reilly Way     CB1 3GL
Bentinck Terrace     CB2 1HQ Guest Road     CB1 2AL Ribston Way     CB4 1FT
Bentley Road     CB2 8AW Guildhall Place     CB2 3QQ Richard Foster Road     CB2 8DW
Bergholt Close     CB5 8UA Guildhall Street     CB2 3NH Richard Howe Way     CB2 0AG
Bermuda Road     CB4 3JX Gunhild Close     CB1 8RD Richmond Road     CB4 3PP
Bermuda Road, Chelsea Mews     CB4 3JY Gunhild Court     CB1 8RF Richmond Terrace     CB5 8AJ
Bermuda Terrace     CB4 3LD Gunhild Way     CB1 8QY Rickard Close     CB1 9LG
Birch Close     CB4 1XN Gunning Way     CB4 3SQ Ridley Hall Road     CB3 9HU
Birdlife International, The David Attenborough Building, Pembroke Street     CB2 3QZ Gurney Way     CB4 2ED Ring Fort Road     CB4 2GR
Birdwood Road     CB1 3ST Gwydir Street     CB1 2LG River Lane     CB5 8HP
Birdwood Road, The Spinney     CB1 3SF Hadleigh Court     CB5 8UF River Lane, The Mallards     CB5 8HJ
Blackberry Way     CB4 2GZ Haig Court     CB4 1TT Riverside     CB5 8EY
Blackhall Road     CB4 3NJ Hale Avenue     CB4 3ET Riverside Court     CB4 3BB
Blackthorn Close     CB4 1FZ Hale Street     CB4 3BZ Riverside Place     CB5 8JF
Blanford Walk     CB4 3NQ Halifax Road     CB4 3PX Robert Jennings Close     CB4 1YT
Blenheim Close     CB1 8DU Halifax Road, Georges Terrace     CB4 3PY Robert May Close     CB1 3UH
Blinco Grove     CB1 7TP Halifax Road, Sydenham Terrace     CB4 3PZ Robinson Way     CB2 0SZ
Bliss Way     CB1 9YE Hall Farm Road     CB4 3RD Rock Road     CB1 7UF
Blossom Street     CB1 2NQ Hamilton Road     CB4 1BP Roe Deer Close     CB1 9YY
Borrowdale     CB4 3HU Hamilton Road, Midwinter Place     CB4 1BW Roland Close     CB4 2DJ
Bosworth Road     CB1 8RG Hampden Gardens     CB1 3DU Roman Courts     CB4 2TS
Botolph Lane     CB2 3RD Hanover Court     CB2 1JH Romsey Mews     CB1 3PB
Bourne Road     CB4 1UF Hanson Court     CB4 2SB Romsey Road     CB1 3DD
Bowers Croft     CB1 8RP Harcombe Road     CB1 9PD Romsey Terrace     CB1 3NH
Brackley Close     CB4 2JW Harding Way     CB4 3RN Rose Crescent     CB2 3LL
Brackyn Road     CB1 3PL Hardwick Street     CB3 9JA Roseford Road     CB4 2HA
Bradmore Street     CB1 2NN Harebell Close     CB1 9YL Rosehip Road     CB4 2BW
Bradrushe Fields     CB3 0DW Harris Road     CB4 3FE Rosemary Lane     CB1 3LQ
Bramley Court     CB4 1FW Harry Scott Court     CB4 2SX Ross Street     CB1 3BP
Brampton Road     CB1 3HJ Hartington Grove     CB1 7TZ Ross Street, Cromarty Place     CB1 3XD
Brandon Court     CB1 1DZ Harvest Way     CB1 2FE Rotherwick Way     CB1 8RX
Bray     CB1 1QJ Harvey Goodwin Avenue     CB4 3EU Rothleigh Road     CB1 8EG
Braybrooke Place     CB1 3LN Harvey Goodwin Gardens     CB4 3EZ Round Church Street     CB5 8AD
Brentwood Close     CB5 8UE Harvey Road     CB1 2ET Rowlinson Way     CB5 8GA
Brentwood Court     CB5 8UG Hatherdene Close     CB1 3HQ Rush Grove     CB1 9NF
Bridewell Road     CB1 9EN Haviland Way     CB4 2RA Russell Court     CB2 1HW
Bridgacre     CB4 1JU Hawkins Road     CB4 2QU Russell Street     CB2 1HT
Bridge Street     CB2 1UA Hawthorn Way     CB4 1AT Russell Street, Old St. Pauls     CB2 1HA
Brierley Walk     CB4 3NH Haymarket Road     CB3 0BQ Russet Court     CB4 1FP
Brimley Road     CB4 2DL Hayster Drive     CB1 9PB Rustat Avenue     CB1 3PF
Britten Place     CB1 3TS Hazelwood Close     CB4 3SN Rustat Close     CB1 3NG
Broad Street     CB1 2NJ Headford Close     CB5 8PQ Rustat Road     CB1 3QG
Brookfields     CB1 3EJ Headington Close     CB1 9GD Ruth Bagnall Court     CB1 3NU
Brookgate     CB1 2AA Headington Drive     CB1 9HE Rutherford Road     CB2 8HH
Brooklands Avenue     CB2 8BB Hedgerley Close     CB3 0EW Rutland Close     CB4 2HT
Brooks Road     CB1 3HP Helen Close     CB5 8TW Sable Close     CB1 9YX
Brookside     CB2 1JE Hemingford Road     CB1 3BY Sackville Close     CB4 2ST
Brookside Lane     CB2 1JD Henley Road     CB1 3EA Salisbury Villas     CB1 2JF
Brothers Place     CB1 8BN Henley Way     CB1 3EH Sandwick Close     CB4 2UR
Brownlow Road     CB4 3NG Henslow Mews     CB2 8BX Sandy Lane     CB4 1HZ
Broxbourne Close     CB1 9XP Herbert Street     CB4 1AG Saxon Road     CB5 8HS
Brunswick Gardens     CB5 8DQ Herbert Twinn Court     CB5 8QZ Saxon Street     CB2 1HN
Brunswick Terrace     CB5 8DG Hercules Close     CB4 2TN Scholars Walk     CB4 1DW
Brunswick Walk     CB5 8DH Herons Close     CB1 8NS Scotland Close     CB4 1QH
Buchan Street     CB4 2XF Herschel Road     CB3 9AG Scotland Road     CB4 1GE
Buckingham Road     CB3 0DD Hertford Street     CB4 3AE Searle Street     CB4 3DB
Budleigh Close     CB1 3BJ Highdene Road     CB1 9YD Sedgwick Street     CB1 3AJ
Buffalo Way     CB1 9GR Highfield Avenue     CB4 2AJ Sedley Taylor Road     CB2 8PN
Bullen Close     CB1 8YU Highsett     CB2 1NX Selwyn Gardens     CB3 9AX
Bulstrode Gardens     CB3 0EN Highworth Avenue     CB4 2BG Selwyn Road     CB3 9EA
Burleigh Place     CB1 1JA Hills Avenue     CB1 7UY Severn Place     CB1 1AL
Burleigh Street     CB1 1DG Hills Road     CB2 0AH Seymour Street     CB1 3DH
Burling Court     CB1 8EB Hinton Avenue     CB1 7AR Shaftesbury Road     CB2 8BF
Burlton Road     CB3 0GS Histon Road     CB4 3GY Shelly Garden     CB3 0BT
Burnham Close     CB1 9XN Histon Road, Longview Terrace     CB4 3JH Shelly Row     CB3 0BP
Burnside     CB1 3PA Hoadly Road     CB3 0HX Shepherds Close     CB1 9HP
Burrells Walk     CB3 9DJ Hobart Road     CB1 3PS Sherbourne Close     CB4 1RT
Buttercup Road     CB4 2GX Hobson Street     CB1 1NL Sherbourne Court     CB4 1SJ
Cadwin Field     CB4 2LJ Holbrook Road     CB1 7ST Sherlock Close     CB3 0HP
Caithness Court     CB4 2UU Holbrook Road, Dean Drive     CB1 7SW Sherlock Court     CB3 0JB
Caledon Way     CB4 2UT Holland Street     CB4 3DL Sherlock Road     CB3 0HR
Callander Close     CB4 2XJ Hollymount     CB1 1QD Shire Hall     CB3 0RH
Cam Causeway     CB4 1TL Holyrood Close     CB4 3NE Shirley Grove     CB4 1LX
Cambanks     CB4 1PY Homerton Street     CB2 0NT Short Street     CB1 1LB
Cambridge City Council, Overseas Votes     CB1 0ZZ Homerton Street, Tripos Court     CB2 8NY Sidgwick Avenue     CB3 9DA
Cambridge Cookery School, School House, Homerton Gardens     CB2 8EB Honey Hill     CB3 0BG Sidney Farm Road     CB1 9LQ
Cambridge Place     CB2 1NS Honey Hill Mews     CB3 0AL Sidney Street     CB2 3HG
Cambridge Science Park     CB4 0GN Hooper Street     CB1 2NZ Silver Street     CB3 9EL
Cameron Road     CB4 2LY Hope Street     CB1 3NA Silverwood Close     CB1 3HA
Campbell Street     CB1 3NE Hopkins Close     CB4 1FB Skanska Astra Zen, Site Office, Francis Crick Avenue     CB2 0AT
Campkin Court     CB4 2NE Howard Close     CB5 8QU Sleaford Street     CB1 2NS
Campkin Road     CB4 2LD Howard Court     CB5 8RB Sleaford Street, Rivar Place     CB1 2PP
Camside     CB4 1PQ Howard Road     CB5 8QP Somerset Close     CB4 2HW
Camside, The Willows     CB4 1NA Howard Road, Misty Meadows     CB5 8UR Somervell Court     CB4 2XA
Canterbury Close     CB4 3QQ Howes Place     CB3 0LD South Cambridgeshire District Council, Overseas Votes, Cambourne Business Park, Cambourne     CB1 0ZY
Canterbury Street     CB4 3QE Howgate Road     CB4 3XL South Green Road     CB3 9JP
Capstan Close     CB4 1BJ Hudson Close     CB2 8HD Southacre Close     CB2 7TT
Capuchin Court     CB1 9GP Hulatt Road     CB1 8TH Southacre Drive     CB2 7EE
Caravere Close     CB4 2UG Humberstone Road     CB4 1EZ Spalding Way     CB1 8NP
Caribou Way     CB1 9XF Humphreys Road     CB4 2JR Speedwell Close     CB1 9YS
Carisbrooke Road     CB4 3LP Huntingdon Road     CB3 0DH Spens Avenue     CB3 9LS
Carlow     CB1 1QH Huntley Close     CB5 8QX Spillers Mill, Mill Park     CB1 2FN
Carlton Way     CB4 2BX Hurrell Road     CB4 3RH Spindle Close     CB4 2FU
Carlton Way, Carlton Terrace     CB4 2DA Hurst Park Avenue     CB4 2AA Springfield Road     CB4 1AD
Carlyle Road     CB4 3DH Iceni Way     CB4 2NZ Springfield Terrace     CB4 1AE
Caroline Place     CB1 1BL Impala Drive     CB1 9XJ St. Albans Road     CB4 2HF
Carrick Close     CB1 8RQ Inveran     CB1 1QB St. Andrews Road     CB4 1DH
Castle Park     CB3 0AN Inverness Close     CB4 1FH St. Andrews Street     CB2 3AH
Castle Row     CB3 0BB Iver Close     CB1 3JG St. Anthonys Walk     CB2 1JL
Castle Street     CB3 0AH Izaak Walton Way     CB4 1TY St. Barnabas Road     CB1 2BU
Catharine Street     CB1 3AP J J Thomson Avenue     CB3 0FA St. Bedes Crescent     CB1 3TZ
Causewayside     CB3 9HD Jack Warren Green     CB5 8US St. Bedes Gardens     CB1 3UF
Cavendish Avenue     CB1 7UP Jackson Road     CB4 2RQ St. Catharines Road     CB4 3XJ
Cavendish Place     CB1 3BH James Nurse Close     CB1 9LJ St. Catharine’s Square     CB4 3XA
Cavendish Road     CB1 3AE James Street     CB1 1HX St. Christophers Avenue     CB3 0JD
Cavesson Court     CB4 3TB Janes Court     CB1 3JJ St. Clements Gardens     CB5 8AH
Central Avenue     CB4 2BS Jasmine Court     CB1 8BG St. Edwards Passage     CB2 3PJ
Century Close     CB5 8EL Jedburgh Close     CB4 2XH St. Eligius Place     CB2 1HY
Chadwick Court     CB4 2DS Jermyn Close     CB4 2HQ St. Eligius Street     CB2 1HX
Chalfont Close     CB1 9NA Jesus Lane     CB5 8BA St. Johns Road     CB5 8AN
Chalk Grove     CB1 8NT Jesus Terrace     CB1 1JY St. Johns Street     CB2 1TW
Chalmers Road     CB1 3SX John Clarke Court     CB4 1XS St. Kilda Avenue     CB4 2PN
Chambers Drive     CB4 2GP John Conder Court     CB1 3YH St. Lukes Mews     CB4 3DF
Champneys Walk     CB3 9AW John Street     CB1 1AZ St. Lukes Street     CB4 3DA
Chancellors Walk     CB4 3JG Jolley Way     CB4 2QZ St. Margarets Square     CB1 8AP
Chantry Close     CB4 1AR Kaldor Court     CB4 2XB St. Margaret’s Square     CB1 8AQ
Chapel Street     CB4 1DY Kathleen Elliott Way     CB1 3RG St. Marks Court     CB3 9LE
Chapman Court     CB4 2SG Keates Road     CB1 9ER St. Marys Passage     CB2 3PQ
Chariot Way     CB4 2GY Kelsey Crescent     CB1 9XS St. Matthews Court     CB1 2NR
Charles Babbage Road     CB3 0FS Kelvin Close     CB1 8DN St. Matthews Gardens     CB1 2PH
Charles Street     CB1 3LZ Kendal Way     CB4 1LP St. Matthews Street     CB1 2LT
Chartfield Road     CB1 9JX Kent Way     CB4 2QY St. Pauls Road     CB1 2EZ
Chatsworth Avenue     CB4 3LT Kerridge Close     CB1 2QW St. Pauls Walk     CB1 2EX
Chaucer Close     CB2 7TS Keynes Road     CB5 8PP St. Peters Street     CB3 0BD
Chaucer Road     CB2 7EB Kilmaine Close     CB4 2PH St. Peters Street, The Terrace     CB3 0BE
Cheddars Lane     CB5 8LD Kimberley Road     CB4 1HG St. Peters Terrace     CB2 1QQ
Chedworth Street     CB3 9JF King Street     CB1 1LD St. Philips Road     CB1 3AQ
Chelwood Road     CB1 9LX Kingfisher Way     CB2 8BL St. Regis     CB4 1BY
Cheney Way     CB4 1UD Kings Hedges Drive     CB4 2PG St. Stephens Place     CB3 0JE
Chequers Close     CB1 9JJ Kings Hedges Road     CB4 2HY St. Thomas’s Road     CB1 3TF
Cherry Close     CB1 9JD Kings Hedges Road, Blackwell Caravan Site     CB4 2QL St. Thomas’s Square     CB1 3TG
Cherry Hinton Road     CB1 7AA Kings Parade     CB2 1SJ St. Tibbs Row     CB2 3ET
Cherry Hinton Road, Coes Court     CB1 8DJ Kings Road     CB3 9DY Staffordshire Gardens     CB1 2NE
Cherry Hinton Road, Market Rise     CB1 7DZ Kings Road, Ashworth Park     CB3 9JU Staffordshire Street     CB1 1BP
Cherwell Court     CB3 9JT Kingsley Walk     CB5 8JX Stanesfield Close     CB5 8NJ
Chesterfield Road     CB4 1LN Kingston Street     CB1 2NU Stanesfield Road     CB5 8NH
Chesterton Hall Crescent     CB4 1AP Kingsway     CB4 2EN Stanley Avenue     CB4 2EL
Chesterton Lane     CB4 3AA Kinnaird Way     CB1 8SN Stanley Road     CB5 8LB
Chesterton Road     CB4 1AA Kinross Road     CB4 1QU Stanley Road, Stanley Court     CB5 8LW
Chestnut Grove     CB4 1BE Kinross Road, Kinross Mews     CB4 1PL Stansgate Avenue     CB2 0QZ
Chestnut House, Histon Road     CB4 3BF Kirkby Close     CB4 1XP Starr End     CB4 2WN
Chieftain Way     CB4 2EF Kirkwood Road     CB4 2PF Station Place     CB1 2FA
Chigwell Court     CB5 8TY Kirkwood Road, Brookmount Court     CB4 2QH Station Road     CB1 2FB
Christchurch Street     CB1 1HT Knightly Avenue     CB2 0AN Sterne Close     CB1 3RA
Christ’s Lane     CB1 1NP Laburnum Close     CB4 1BB Stevenson Court     CB5 8GB
Christs Pieces     CB1 1LG Lady Margaret Road     CB3 0BJ Stirling Close     CB4 1RD
Church End     CB1 3LB Lammas Field     CB3 9HX Stockwell Street     CB1 3DZ
Church Rate Walk     CB3 9HJ Langdale Close     CB1 9LP Stone Street     CB1 2PL
Church Street     CB4 1DT Langham Road     CB1 3SD Stone Terrace     CB1 2PN
Circus Drive     CB4 2BT Lansdowne Road     CB3 0EU Storeys Way     CB3 0DE
City Road     CB1 1DP Larkin Close     CB4 2RF Stott Gardens     CB4 1FJ
Clare Road     CB3 9BT Larmor Drive     CB3 0TE Stourbridge Grove     CB1 3HZ
Clare Street     CB4 3BY Latham Close     CB2 7EL Strangeways Road     CB1 8PR
Claremont     CB2 1PA Latham Road     CB2 7EG Stratfield Close     CB4 3NA
Clarendon Road     CB2 8BH Latimer Close     CB5 8ZS Strathcarron Court     CB4 2UZ
Clarendon Street     CB1 1JU Laundress Lane     CB2 1SD Stretten Avenue     CB4 3EP
Clarkson Close     CB3 0EJ Lauriston Place     CB4 2UP Stukeley Close     CB3 9LT
Clarkson Road     CB3 0EH Lavender Road     CB4 2PP Sturmer Close     CB4 3XN
Claygate Road     CB1 9JZ Lawrence Way     CB4 2PR Sturton Street     CB1 2QA
Clerk Maxwell Road, Perry Court     CB3 0RS Lawrence Weaver Road     CB3 0GX Sturton Street, Oswald Terrace     CB1 2QQ
Clerk Maxwell Road, The Lawns     CB3 0RU Laxton Way     CB4 1FL Suez Road     CB1 3QB
Clifton Court     CB1 7BN Leete Road     CB1 9ET Summerfield     CB3 9HE
Clifton Road     CB1 7EA Legion Court     CB4 2TW Sunflower Street     CB4 3XF
Clifton Way, Cambridge Leisure Park     CB1 7DY Lemur Drive     CB1 9XZ Sunmead Walk     CB1 9YB
Cliveden Close     CB4 3LX Lennox Walk     CB2 8BE Sunnyside     CB5 8SG
Clover Court     CB1 9YN Lensfield Road     CB2 1EG Sunset Square     CB4 3XB
Cobholm Place     CB4 2UN Lents Way     CB4 1UA Sussex Street     CB1 1PA
Cockburn Street     CB1 3NB Leonard Close     CB5 8TR Swann Road     CB5 8JZ
Cockcroft Place     CB3 0HF Lexington Close     CB4 3LS Swann Road, Signet Court     CB5 8LA
Cockerell Road     CB4 3RT Leyburn Close     CB1 9XR Swanns Terrace     CB1 3LX
Coggeshall Close     CB5 8TZ Leys Avenue     CB4 2AN Sweetpea Way     CB4 2GT
Coldhams Grove     CB1 3HW Leys Road     CB4 2AP Sycamore Close     CB1 8PG
Coldhams Lane     CB1 3EN Lichfield Road     CB1 3SH Sylvester Road     CB3 9AF
Coldhams Lane, Beehive Centre     CB1 3ET Lilac Court     CB1 7AY Tamarin Gardens     CB1 9GH
Coldhams Lane, Cambridge Retail Park     CB1 3HB Lilley Close     CB4 1NH Taunton Close     CB1 3UL
Coldhams Lane, College Park     CB1 3HD Lilywhite Drive     CB4 1GB Tavistock Road     CB4 3NB
Coldhams Road     CB1 3EW Lime Kiln Road     CB1 8NQ Teasel Way     CB1 9YT
Coleridge Road     CB1 3GB Limedale Close     CB1 9BQ Tedder Way     CB4 3RJ
Coleridge Road, Redmond Court     CB1 3GA Limetree Close     CB1 8PF Temple Court     CB4 2TT
Collier Road     CB1 2AH Linden Close     CB4 3JU Templemore Close     CB1 7TH
Coltsfoot Close     CB1 9YH Lingholme Close     CB4 3HW Ten Acre Place     CB5 8QF
Colville Road     CB1 9EH Lion Yard     CB2 3NA Tenby Close     CB1 9YG
Colwyn Close     CB4 3NU Lisle Walk     CB1 9YF Tenison Avenue     CB1 2DX
Comfrey Court     CB1 9YJ Little St. Marys Lane     CB2 1RR Tenison Road     CB1 2DG
Conduit Head Road     CB3 0EY Livermore Close     CB4 2PT Tennis Court Road     CB2 1QB
Coniston Road     CB1 7BZ Logans Way     CB4 1BL Tennis Court Terrace     CB2 1QX
Consul Court     CB4 2TH Long Reach Road     CB4 1UH Teversham Drift     CB1 3JX
Conway Close     CB1 9LY Long Road     CB2 8BA Teynham Close     CB1 3UJ
Cook Close     CB4 1PH Loris Court     CB1 9GF The Broadway     CB1 3AH
Copse Way     CB2 8BJ Loughton Court     CB5 8UQ The Caldwell Building, Lime Avenue, Trumpington     CB2 9DE
Corfe Close     CB2 8QA Love Lane     CB1 9QF The Cenacle     CB3 9JS
Corn Exchange Street     CB2 3QF Lovell Road     CB4 2QN The Crescent     CB3 0AZ
Cornell Court     CB4 2GN Lovers Walk     CB4 1WF The Green     CB4 1RP
Corona Road     CB4 3EB Lower Park Street     CB5 8AR The Grove     CB4 1TJ
Coronation Mews     CB2 1HZ Luard Close     CB2 8PL The Guildhall     CB1 0SB
Coronation Place     CB2 1JN Luard Road     CB2 8PJ The Homing     CB5 8SD
Coronation Street     CB2 1HJ Lucerne Close     CB1 9SA The Lynx     CB1 9GE
Corrie Road     CB1 3QP Lyndewode Road     CB1 2HL The Orchards     CB1 9HD
Cosin Court     CB2 1QU Lynfield Court     CB4 1DP The Paddocks     CB1 3HG
Courtland Avenue     CB1 7AT Lynfield Lane     CB4 1DR The Rodings     CB5 8TX
Courtney Way     CB4 2EE Mackenzie Road     CB1 2AN The Westering     CB5 8SE
Covent Garden     CB1 2HR Madingley Road     CB3 0EE Thetford Terrace     CB5 8SB
Cowley Road     CB4 0AP Madras Road     CB1 3PX Thirleby Close     CB4 3RS
Cowley Road, Cowley Park     CB4 0WT Magdalene Street     CB3 0AF Thistle Street     CB4 3XG
Cowper Road     CB1 3SL Magnolia Close     CB1 9TU Thoday Street     CB1 3AS
Craister Court     CB4 2SH Magrath Avenue     CB4 3AH Thompsons Lane     CB5 8AQ
Cranesbill Close     CB4 2YF Maids Causeway     CB5 8DA Thompsons Lane, Beaufort Place     CB5 8AG
Cranmer Road     CB3 9BL Maio Road     CB4 2GA Thorleye Road     CB5 8NF
Cratherne Way     CB4 2LZ Maitland Avenue     CB4 1TA Thorpe Way     CB5 8UB
Crawford Close     CB4 2US Malcolm Place     CB1 1LS Thrifts Walk     CB4 1NR
Crispin Close     CB4 3XP Malcolm Street     CB1 1LL Tillyard Way     CB1 8QT
Croft Gardens     CB3 9LD Malden Close     CB5 8NU Tiptree Close     CB5 8UL
Croftgate     CB3 9EG Malletts Road     CB1 9EZ Tiverton Way     CB1 3HT
Croftholme Lane     CB4 3BN Malta Road     CB1 3LW Topcliffe Way     CB1 8SH
Cromwell Road     CB1 3BA Malting Lane     CB3 9HF Topham Way     CB4 3RA
Crosfield Court     CB4 2RY Maltings Close     CB5 8EB Topper Street     CB4 2WL
Cross Street     CB1 2HW Malvern Road     CB1 9LD Trafalgar Road     CB4 1EU
Crowland Way     CB4 2LT Managers Office, Nelson Court, Trafalgar Road     CB4 1DS Trafalgar Road, Boathouse Court     CB4 1DU
Crowthorne Close     CB1 9LZ Mander Way     CB1 7SF Trafalgar Street     CB4 1ET
Cunningham Close     CB4 2DN Mandrill Close     CB1 9TN Trevone Place     CB1 3TX
Cutter Ferry Close     CB4 1EB Maners Way     CB1 8SL Tribune Court     CB4 2TU
Cutter Ferry Lane     CB4 1JR Manhattan Drive     CB4 1HL Trinity Lane     CB2 1TL
Cyprus Road     CB1 3QA Manor Court     CB3 9BE Trinity Street     CB2 1SU
Daisy Close     CB4 3XH Manor Place     CB1 1LE Trumpington Road     CB2 8AB
Dalegarth     CB4 2AG Manor Street     CB1 1LQ Trumpington Street     CB2 1QA
Dalton Square     CB4 1QJ Mansel Court     CB4 2EU Turpyn Court     CB4 2RN
Dane Drive     CB3 9LP Mansel Way     CB4 2ET Tweedale     CB1 9JU
Darwin Drive     CB4 3HH Maple Close     CB4 1BD Tweedsmuir Court     CB4 2UW
David Street     CB1 3LY March Lane     CB1 3LG Union Lane     CB4 1GX
Davy Road     CB1 3QW Mariners Way     CB4 1BN Union Road     CB2 1HE
Daws Close     CB1 9LE Marion Close     CB3 0HN University of Cambridge Primary School, Eddington Avenue     CB3 0QZ
De Freville Avenue     CB4 1HN Market Hill     CB2 3NJ Unwin Square     CB4 2AD
Denis Wilson Court     CB2 8ES Market Passage     CB2 3PF Uphall Road     CB1 3HX
Dennis Road     CB5 8TS Market Street     CB2 3NZ Upper Gwydir Street     CB1 2LR
Derby Road     CB1 7BU Markham Close     CB4 2PX Upperhall Court, Colville Road     CB1 9BU
Derby Street     CB3 9JE Marlborough Court     CB3 9BQ Urwin Gardens     CB2 0AP
Derwent Close     CB1 8DY Marlowe Road     CB3 9JW Valerian Court     CB1 9YP
Desmond Avenue     CB1 9JS Marmora Road     CB1 3PY Vales Place     CB4 2GU
Devonshire Road     CB1 2AG Marshall Road     CB1 7TY Velos Walk     CB5 8TU
Devonshire Road, Devonshire Mews     CB1 2BB Martingale Close     CB4 3TA Ventress Close     CB1 8QX
Diamond Close     CB2 8AU Mawson Place     CB1 2ED Ventress Farm Court     CB1 8HD
Discovery Way     CB4 1FE Mawson Road     CB1 2DZ Verulam Way     CB4 2HJ
Ditchburn Place     CB1 2AJ Mays Way     CB4 1UB Vicarage Terrace     CB1 2LU
Ditton Fields     CB5 8QH Meadowcroft     CB4 1DQ Victoria Avenue     CB4 1EG
Ditton Fields, Grace Court     CB5 8AU Meadowlands Road     CB5 8SA Victoria Park     CB4 3EJ
Ditton Fields, Webster Terrace     CB5 8PZ Melbourne Place     CB1 1EQ Victoria Road     CB4 3BS
Ditton Lane     CB5 8PE Mercers Row     CB5 8HY Victoria Road, Victoria Homes     CB4 3DX
Ditton Walk     CB5 8QD Mere Way     CB4 2JN Victoria Street     CB1 1JN
Ditton Walk, Abbey Gardens     CB5 8EH Merton Street     CB3 9JD Villa Court     CB4 2TX
Ditton Walk, Beadle Trading Estate     CB5 8PD Metcalfe Road     CB4 2DB Vinery Road     CB1 3BW
Ditton Walk, The Old Maltings     CB5 8PY Metcalfe Road, Pentland Place     CB4 2DX Vinery Road, Vinery Park     CB1 3GN
Doggett Road     CB1 9LF Middleton Close     CB4 1DG Vinery Way     CB1 3DR
Dolphin Close     CB1 9GU Midhurst Close     CB4 1RQ Vinter Terrace     CB2 1LJ
Donegal     CB1 1QQ Midsummer Common     CB4 1HA Violet Close     CB1 9YW
Dover Street     CB1 1DY Milford Street     CB1 2LP Wadloes Road     CB5 8PF
Dowding Way     CB4 3RG Mill End Close     CB1 9HS Wagstaff Close     CB4 2PS
Downhams Lane     CB4 1XT Mill End Road     CB1 9JP Walker Court     CB4 2RT
Downing Place     CB2 3EL Mill Lane     CB2 1RX Walnut Tree Avenue     CB5 8JP
Downing Street     CB2 3DS Mill Lane, Millers Yard     CB2 1RQ Walnut Tree Way     CB4 3XE
Drayton Close     CB1 9EY Mill Park     CB1 2FG Walpole Road     CB1 3TH
Drayton Road     CB1 9EU Mill Road     CB1 2AB Ward Road     CB1 3SY
Driftway     CB3 9PA Mill Street     CB1 2HP Warkworth Street     CB1 1EG
Drosier Road     CB1 2EY Millington Road     CB3 9HP Warkworth Terrace     CB1 1EE
Dudley Road     CB5 8PJ Millington Road, Millington Lane     CB3 9HA Warren Close     CB2 1LB
Dundee Close     CB4 1SH Milton Road     CB4 1JY Warren Road     CB4 1LL
Dunsmore Close     CB5 8QY Milton Road, Berrylands     CB4 1XW Warwick Road     CB4 3HN
Durnford Way     CB4 2DP Milton Road, Merlin Place     CB4 0DP Water Lane     CB4 1NY
Eachard Road     CB3 0HY Milton Road, Science Park     CB4 0EY Water Street     CB4 1NZ
Earl Street     CB1 1JR Milton Road, Westbrook Centre     CB4 1YG Wavell Way     CB4 2DH
East Hertford Street     CB4 3AJ Minerva Way     CB4 2TY Wellington Street     CB1 1AN
East Road     CB1 1BA Missleton Court     CB1 8BL Welney Park     CB1 2JW
East Road, Parkers Terrace     CB1 1BU Molewood Close     CB4 3SR Welstead Road     CB1 9YA
Eastfield     CB4 1BF Moncrieff Close     CB4 2UY Wentworth Road     CB4 3PN
Eaton Close     CB4 1GD Montague Road     CB4 1BU Wenvoe Close     CB1 9JG
Eccleston Place     CB1 2FZ Montfort Way     CB4 2JU West Road     CB3 9DL
Eden Street     CB1 1EL Montgomery Road     CB4 2EQ West View     CB3 9JB
Eden Street Backway     CB1 1AP Montreal Road     CB1 3NP Westberry Court     CB3 9BG
Edendale Close     CB1 7XD Montreal Square     CB1 3NR Westfield Lane     CB4 3BJ
Edeva Court     CB1 8AF Moore Close     CB4 1ZP Westfield Road     CB4 3YH
Edgecombe     CB4 2LL Mortimer Road     CB1 2EL Westgate     CB1 8DE
Edinburgh Road     CB4 1QP Mortlock Avenue     CB4 1LY Wetenhall Road     CB1 3AG
Edward Street     CB1 2LS Moss Bank     CB4 1UR Wheeler Street     CB2 3QB
Egerton Close     CB5 8PN Mount Pleasant     CB3 0BL White Rose Walk     CB4 3XQ
Egerton Road     CB5 8PL Mount Pleasant Walk     CB3 0BW Whitefriars     CB4 1NN
Ekin Road     CB5 8PS Mowbray Road     CB1 7DP Whitehill Close     CB5 8NE
Ekin Walk     CB5 8PH Moyne Close     CB4 2TA Whitehill Road     CB5 8LT
Eland Way     CB1 9XH Mulberry Close     CB4 2AS Whitehouse Lane     CB3 0LF
Elfleda Road     CB5 8LZ Napier Street     CB1 1HR Whitfield Close     CB4 2LQ
Elizabeth Way     CB4 1AY Napier Street, Cobble Yard     CB1 1HP Whytford Close     CB4 1GT
Ellesmere Road     CB4 2HP Natal Road     CB1 3NS Wilberforce Road     CB3 0EQ
Ellison Close     CB4 3XW Neal Drive     CB4 2WS Wilding Walk     CB4 1RH
Elm Street     CB1 1EJ Neale Close     CB1 3LE Wiles Close     CB4 2PZ
Elmfield Road     CB4 1SF Neath Farm Court     CB1 3EX Wilkinson Place     CB2 8DN
Elsworth Place     CB2 8RG Neptune Close     CB4 2TP William Smith Close     CB1 3QE
Eltisley Avenue     CB3 9JG Netherhall Way     CB1 8NU Willis Road     CB1 2AQ
Emery Street     CB1 2AX Neville Road     CB1 3SQ Willow Walk     CB1 1LA
Emmanuel Road     CB1 1JW New Park Street     CB5 8AT Wilson Close     CB4 2RG
Emmanuel Street     CB1 1NE New Square     CB1 1EX Windermere Close     CB1 9XW
Emperor Court     CB4 2TJ New Street     CB1 2QT Windsor Road     CB4 3JJ
Enfield     CB1 1QG New Street, Simpers Walk     CB1 2GD Woburn Close     CB4 2SS
Engledow Drive     CB4 2FZ Newell Walk     CB1 3JF Wolsey Way     CB1 3JQ
Enniskillen Road     CB4 1SQ Newingham Crescent     CB4 2WT Woodhead Drive     CB4 1FG
Erasmus Close     CB4 3TJ Newmarket Road     CB5 8DT Woodhead Drive, College Fields     CB4 1YZ
Essex Close     CB4 2DW Newmarket Road, Cambridge Retail Park     CB5 8WR Woodhead Drive, Elder Close     CB4 1XY
Evergreens     CB4 1UP Newmarket Road, Evening Court     CB5 8EA Woodhead Drive, The Beeches     CB4 1FY
Fair Street     CB1 1HA Newnham College     CB3 9DF Woodhouse Way     CB4 2NH
Fairbairn Road     CB4 1UG Newnham Croft Street     CB3 9HR Woodlark Road     CB3 0HS
Fairfax Road     CB1 3AY Newnham Road     CB3 9EY Wootton Way     CB3 9LX
Fairsford Place     CB1 2QS Newnham Terrace     CB3 9EX Wordsworth Grove     CB3 9HH
Fallowfield     CB4 1PD Newnham Walk     CB3 9HQ Worts Causeway     CB1 8RJ
Fanshawe Road     CB1 3QX Newton Road     CB2 8AL Wulfstan Court     CB1 8RE
Farran     CB1 1QF Nicholson Way     CB4 2RP Wulfstan Way     CB1 8AD
Farringford Close     CB4 3LU Nightingale Avenue     CB1 8SG Wycliffe Road     CB1 3JD
Fellows House, Lilywhite Drive     CB4 1GP Norfolk Street     CB1 2LD Wynborne Close     CB4 2DR
Felton Street     CB1 2EE Norfolk Terrace     CB1 2NG Wynford Way     CB4 2LB
Fen Road     CB4 1BS Norman Way     CB1 3LH Yeoman Drive     CB3 0GY
Fen View Court     CB4 1RF North Shoes, Rose Crescent     CB2 3LP York Street     CB1 2PY
Fendon Close     CB1 7RU North Street     CB4 3QN York Terrace     CB1 2PR
Fendon Road     CB1 7RS North Street, Westland Terrace     CB4 3QT Young Street     CB1 2LZ
Fennec Close     CB1 9GG North Terrace     CB5 8DJ Zetland Walk     CB1 3TY
Fenners Lawn     CB1 2EH Northampton Street     CB3 0AD


Postcode district Post town Coverage Local authority area
CB1 CAMBRIDGE Cambridge (Central, South), Teversham (parts of) Cambridge, South Cambridgeshire
CB10 SAFFRON WALDEN Ashdon, Church End, Great Chesterford, Great Sampford, Hempstead, Hinxton, Howlett End, Ickleton, Little Chesterford, Little Sampford, Little Walden, Radwinter, Red Oaks Hill, Saffron Walden, Sewards End, Wimbish, Wimbish Green Uttlesford, South Cambridgeshire
CB11 SAFFRON WALDEN Arkesden, Audley End, Clavering, Debden, Debden Green, Duddenhoe End, Elmdon, Langley, Littlebury, Littlebury Green, Newport, Pond Street, Quendon, Rickling, Rickling Green, Shortgrove, Starling’s Green, Strethall, Upper Green, Wendens Ambo, Wicken Bonhunt, Widdington Uttlesford
CB2 CAMBRIDGE Cambridge (West) Cambridge, South Cambridgeshire
CB21 CAMBRIDGE Fulbourn, Great and Little Wilbraham, West Wratting, Weston Colville, Teversham (parts of), Abington (incl. Little), Hildersham, Bartlow, Hadstock, Horseheath, Shudy Camps, West Wickham, Castle Camps, Balsham, Linton South Cambridgeshire, Uttlesford
CB22 CAMBRIDGE Babraham, Sawston, Pampisford, Duxford, Whittlesford, Great and Little Shelford, Stapleford, Harston, Barrington, Hauxton, Newton, Foxton South Cambridgeshire
CB23 CAMBRIDGE Cambourne (Great, Lower and Upper), Barton, Comberton, Harlton, Great and Little Eversden, Bourn, Highfields Caldecote, Coton, Haslingfield, Kingston, Hardwick, Toft, Longstowe, Madingley, Dry Drayton, Papworth Everard, Lolworth, Bar Hill, Elsworth, Knapwell, Conington, Boxworth, Caxton, Papworth Saint Agnes South Cambridgeshire, Cambridge
CB24 CAMBRIDGE Impington, Histon, Oakington, Longstanton, Willingham, Swavesey, Over, Fen Drayton, Milton, Rampton, Cottenham (parts of), Northstowe South Cambridgeshire
CB25 CAMBRIDGE Cottenham (parts of), Landbeach, Rampton, Burwell, Swaffham Bulbeck, Swaffham Prior, Stow-Cum-Quy, Bottisham, Lode, Waterbeach, Horningsea, Chittering South Cambridgeshire, East Cambridgeshire
CB3 CAMBRIDGE Cambridge (North-West), Girton Cambridge, South Cambridgeshire
CB4 CAMBRIDGE Cambridge (North) Cambridge, South Cambridgeshire
CB5 CAMBRIDGE Cambridge (East) Cambridge, South Cambridgeshire
CB6 ELY Aldreth, Apes Hall, Chettisham, Coveney, Ely, Haddenham, Little Downham, Little Thetford, Littleport, Mepal, Pymore, Stretham, Sutton, Wardy Hill, Wentworth, Wilburton, Witcham, Witchford East Cambridgeshire
CB7 ELY Barway, Brandon Bank, Brandon Creek, Broad Hill, Chippenham, Down Field, Ely, Fordham, Isleham, Prickwillow, Queen Adelaide, River Bank, Soham, Stuntney, Upware, Wicken East Cambridgeshire
CB8 NEWMARKET Ashley, Brinkley, Burrough End, Burrough Green, Carlton, Cheveley, Clopton Green, Cowlinge, Dalham, Denston, Ditton Green, Dullingham, Dunstall Green, Exning, Gazeley, Great Bradley, Kennett, Kentford, Kirtling, Kirtling Green, Lady’s Green, Landwade, Lidgate, Moulton, Newmarket, Ousden, Saxon Street, Six Mile Bottom, Snailwell, Stetchworth, Stradishall, Thorns, Upend, Westley Waterless, Wickhambrook, Woodditton West Suffolk, East Cambridgeshire
CB9 HAVERHILL Barnardiston, Great Thurlow, Great Wratting, Haverhill, Helions Bumpstead, Kedington, Little Bradley, Little Thurlow, Little Wratting, Steeple Bumpstead, Sturmer, Withersfield West Suffolk, Braintree
Coldhams Lane Cambridgeshire Postcode CB1 3EP The Lanes Cambridgeshire Postcode PE28 2BW
Burlton Road Cambridgeshire Postcode CB3 0GS Percival Street Cambridgeshire Postcode PE3 6AT
Allen Road Cambridgeshire Postcode CB7 4GR Kestrel Close Cambridgeshire Postcode PE29 1XD
Redwing Rise Cambridgeshire Postcode SG8 7XE Madingley Road Cambridgeshire Postcode CB3 0EP
Hinchcliffe Cambridgeshire Postcode PE2 5SS School Lane Cambridgeshire Postcode PE19 8HN
High Street Cambridgeshire Postcode CB6 3PG Mill Lane Cambridgeshire Postcode PE19 6LS
Welland Road Cambridgeshire Postcode PE1 3TB Oundle Road Cambridgeshire Postcode PE2 7DH
Downham Road Cambridgeshire Postcode CB6 1BD St Peters Street Cambridgeshire Postcode CB3 0BD
Orchard Gate Cambridgeshire Postcode SG8 6BS Appletree Grove Cambridgeshire Postcode CB25 0BF
Longthorpe Green Cambridgeshire Postcode PE3 6LS Glemsford Rise Cambridgeshire Postcode PE2 7ZD